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Enjoy a great selection of erotic facesitting art for both the inexperienced first-timers and real connoisseurs of the genre. Indoor and outdoor face-sitting action, great locations, classic vintage settings, pussy sliding and cumshot animations, kinky femdom scenarios and more! These gorgeous and utterly depraved women take facesitting to the next level turning it into the most amazing form of erotic art you wanna enjoy over and over again.

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Mixing anime toons with awesome face-sitting action gave us the new form of art we called Anime facesitting. You will fall in love with these big-eyed anime babes watching them sit on their boyfriend’s faces and moan of pleasure as they ride their way to multiple powerful orgasms. This is an absolutely unique experience only anime facesitting can give and it’s all here on the pages of Facesitting Art Fantasy!

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Facesitting Hentai comics and toons are extremely popular forms of erotic art. The fantasy is unlimited here and these hot babes will take you on a wild ride showing off their favorite face-sitting routines and positions as if inviting you to try them yourself. It is really the next best thing to a real facesitting experience cuz you get to watch it all so close like your face is right there between these beauties' legs.

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