3D Shemale Comics

When Tanya arrives at the prestigious hotkiss boarding school she is amazed to learn the steamy stories of her new roommates. All the teachers seem very kind and respectable, but once they are alone with one of their students behind closed doors the real fun begins… In this set of 3d comics Tanya hears the story of Jenny – a shy girl who one sunday night decides to do some studying for her exam. As she starts to read the notes there is an unexpected visitor – the librarian, Ms. Lewis, who appears to be a lot more than just a seductive woman in short skirt and tight blouse…

In search of entertainment on a Friday night Alex finds two hot females on the Internet. Both appear to be very cute and inventive in sex, but there is more than just pussy licking and hot French-kissing. While being very busy exploring the mystery of a sexy girl's body Alex is in for a surprise that he will definitely enjoy.

Angela had been working in the company for just several days before that friday night. Her new boss – Michelle Roberts was a powerful woman who always did everything her way. One evening when everyone was gone as it was already late Michelle invited her friend – Ninelle Jackson – over to her office. After sharing some moments of passion they decided to look for some variety – and Angela was right there to become the of their wild imagination. She got to learn what was hidden behind the secret door in her new boss’s office – and what she found out in the end brought her and pleasure at the same time.

No one likes being interrupted – especially if you are in the middle of masturbating with the help of a big blue dildo. But not always it is a bad thing – for sometimes an unexpected visitor can turn out to be a great twist in your lonely evening. When Cathy learnt she was getting a roommate she felt a bit disappointed – no more walking around naked and fingering herself in the shower. Her new roommate Rachel, however, did not seem to mind the nakedness and Cathy’s sex toys lying around – and the two girls hit it off right away.

When you go shopping for clothes the last thing you expect is to find yourself in the middle of the room without any. Does that sound like something you would like to experience? Sandra never thought she would have a chance to be fucked by two huge cocks simultaneously – well, not until the day she came across a small boutique she had never noticed before. Sandra enjoyed the attention of two shop assistants, but she loved even more what came next – and just as every customer of that place she was bound to leave satisfied.

As Megan and George are waiting for the appointment with the town's most popular sex the, the husband starts to hesitate he needs to see a doctor about his delicate problem. While his wife is doing her best to persuade him otherwise, a nurse appears in front of them and invites George to come in. The wife is told to wait outside – and it soon becomes clear why. George is about to receive the ultimate sex therapy from a cute shemale doctor Carol and her nurse Mia. Very shy at first, he soon gains more confidence and enjoys double stimulation from the sexy healthcare professionals!

Ms. Woodall is going to lecture two of her students – Gina and Kiette – on behaving themselves in her class, but everything turns out to be a lot hotter than originally planned by the teacher. Gina and Kiette are two young shemale sluts who don’t care too much about the studies – but can do everything to avoid getting expelled. When things get serious they start kissing each other trying to turn their uptight teacher on. Ms. Woodall can’t resist the temptation to join the sexy seducers and doesn’t mind the fact they both have pretty impressive dicks and are very willing to impale her over them – either in turns or simultaneously.

Cases of reprehensible behavior are to be stopped in one of best schools in the country – and when Principal Pressman catches two shemale students and one of the teachers Ms. Woodall after having sex in the classroom he asks them to his office. However, Mr. Pressman is not going to stop anything – instead, he is anxious to have those young beautiful sluts bend over in front of him and fuck them deep! The principal starts with Ms. Woodall punishing her with a ruler and then driving his cock deep inside her mouth. The two shemale students – Gina and Kiette – are also invited to join…

Edward has a very ful tooth and needs urgent treatment. He manages to find a dentist that still hasn’t gone home, as this is the end of a working way, and persuades him to take a look at the tooth that has been bothering Edward so much. Edward is being prepped for the dental surgery by a slutty nurse Marina, and as the tension builds up they are unable to keep their hands off each other. Edward and Marina kiss passionately, but Edward has no idea they are not going to be alone. Nor does he suspect Marina may not be what he thinks she is…