Many surveys bring really impressive statistics of chikan acts stating that over 70% of unsuspecting Asian females are groped by chikans in public every year. Notorious chikans thrive on crowded trains picking mostly shy female students or cute office girls and getting kicks from their embarrassment and unwanted arousal.
Chikan in the Supermarket

Title: Yuma Asami Waisetsu Chikan

Time: 1 hour 59 min

Several solutions to a chikan problem were introduced in Japan. "Women only" carriages were designed to protect ladies from ing on overcrowded trains during rush hours. Women were also advised to shriek "Chikan!" when they felt a groping hand touching their breasts, buttocks or privates. However, skilled chikans still exploit inborn shyness of Asian females to get a quick satisfactory rub.
Chikan in the Ofice

Title: BMD

Time: 1 hour 58 min

One of chikan senseis has created "Chikan Tomo-No-Kai" or "The Groper's Brotherhood" combining males from all walks of life addicted to ing strangers in public. To get a black belt in groping and get a member of this Chikan Brotherhood, any applicant has to fondle and feel at least 100 unsuspecting s.
Chikan in the Suburban

Title: Chikan Kakumei Nakaha

Time: 1 hour 33 min

Chikans can be divided into 2 main groups according to their groping ideologies. The first, and the largest group of chikans get their major turn-on scaring and embarrassing their s and making them feel disgust. The followers of the second chikan group enjoy more sensitive and subtle play bringing their gropees almost to orgasm.
Chikan in the Bowling

Title: EB Sex in Bowling

Time: 2 hour 11 min

Imagine overcrowded trains in a rush-hour packed with office ladies or coeds in short skirts. This is a paradise for a chikan, a notorious public transport groper, waiting for his lucky chance to reach out and start groping some unsuspecting girl.
Chikan in the Elevator

Title: Chikan in the Elevator

Time: 1 hour 31 min

Imekura or image clubs will cater to every forbidden fantasy of a devoted or potential chikan. Elaborately decorated as subway carriages rooms complete with "unsuspecting" and "reluctant" girls are made for sleazy chikan acts. Exploiting underground chikan culture, they can satisfy all the nasty and secret cravings.