Title: Futanari Rumika Running Time: 70 Min

In this video famous AV idol Rumika plays 18-years-old futanari schoolgirl. One morning Rumika wake up and realize that she has dick. She found out that it`s feel good to touch the penis and start stroking it with both hands until large amount of semen sprays all over Rumika belly. There Rumika futanari adventures begin!

Title: Futanari Lesbian Fest Running Time: 60 Min

I have the pleasure to tell you that this futanari lesbian movie features two JAV stars legends, terrific Hotaru Akane and gorgeous Yume Imano. I bet that this futanari movie will leave an unforgettable impression! Every action scene in this futanari film really exciting and arousing. Multiple orgasms, sweat kissing, futanari masturbation and even more awaiting you!

Title: Futanari Lesbian - Arisa Kanno and Minaki Saotome Running Time: 120 Min

Movie begin with Arisa and Minaki playing around. Suddenly Minaki has an erection in her panties and springs out a dong! At this point action begin. Minaki strokes it while Arisa masturbates for her. Eventually Minaki ejaculates, and Arisa plays with the cum. After that they are start to kissing, and when somehow Minaki penis has been transferred to Arisa, and Minaki gives her a blowjob. Now Arisa jerks off while watching Minaki rub her pussy, and Arisa cums on her paunch. This is just a start of story, so join and watch this explosive live action futanari dream conjured by Arisa and Minaki!

Title: Futanari Zumu 5 | Running Time: 120 Min

Sara Minami and Koyoi Yumesaki ejaculate so much semen that they get completely soaked in it. Koyoi Yumesaki has a huge cock, on other hand she has a very curvy and feminine body, unlike other futanari girls. She moans when she touches her balls, and her whole body convulses whenever she jerkoff! Get ready for one of the hottest live action futanari movies you've ever seen!

Title: Futanari Clinic | Running Time: 90+Min

Without a doubt one of the best Futanari movies. There are scenes and angles that you don't see too much of in other movies...such as a top down view of the doctor so you see her big luscious breasts while she masturbates in a chair. Or the scene where you see the patient on her bed from above and behind as she's masturbating alone and then the feet of the doctor appear from behind the closed curtain just beyond.

Title: Futanari Lesbian 16 | Running Time: 90+Min

Continuation of the famous Futanari Lesbian series. In this movie you will face with two young horny futanari girlfriends which explore each others bodies and fucking for the first time together!. These two really know how to have fun with their futanari cocks they sucking, kissing, tit-fucking, making breathtaking cumshots and do anything to satisfy each other! Don`t miss this serie that will leave an unforgettable impression.

Title: Inkeiju Hoax | Running Time: 127 Min

Sexy secretaries are on their knees spreading for the boss! They're deeply in need of a raise, while their chief has a big raise in his pants. Watch these cute secritaries doing everything to please their boss. Awesome blowjobs, awesome futanari secretaries, stunning office scenes won’t leave you indifferent!

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