Jack has a crush on Tony for a long time now but he's quite shy to make the first move. Good thing they were paired up in a project where they have to work together. They have to work their cute asses off if they want to pass.

When Joel first saw Pierre's huge package, he was so afraid that it would hurt a lot.. but Pierre promised to be gentle and prepare Joel's tight ass real good with some licking before he starts pounding Joel's tight chocolate tunnel.

Poly has been very naughty and has been jacking off in the showers and locker rooms after gym classes. Sebastian caught him one time and demanded that Poly take him home where all those fresh cum wouldn't have to go to waste.

You can see that Kevin and Nikie love each other just by the way Kevin stares into Nikie's eyes as he plunders his tight ass. They go a long way back and it is time these two finally realize they're meant for each other.

Alejo is addicted to cock. He can't get enough of it and just love to stuff his mouth and ass full of it. Good thing he found Andy who would gladly give him all the cock he wants. He even gets a bonus, a full load of cum.

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