Amateur Gay
Amateur Gay
Amateur Gay

Hi, surfer!
Let me introduce myself –
people call me Freak all the time,
so I’m starting to realize that I’ve forgotten
what my real name was… Well, whatever! I live all alone
in a small run-down shack in the woods with only rats and
squirrels being my real neighbors. However, there’s a bunch
of guys living pretty close to my home – just a couple of miles
down the river. Boy, how much I hate them – and how much
I love them… Bet you have no idea about how hard it is to be
a fetish-addicted poor white gay in the redneck area –
every person passing by my place never misses the chance to
break in and do something bad with me. They tie me
up, beat me, kick me, whip me and do lots of other
things that you won’t be able to see even in your
worst nightmares! And, you know what
is the strangest thing about it all?
It’s that I LIKE IT!

   It’s not fair that it is Freak who gets fucked all the time… From time to time he also needs a tight wet snatch to cool his meaty cock in – and his rubber doll never fails to help him get over the hard times. A little bit of lube and… here she is – eager to suck and fuck even with such an asshole as Freak! Time to see him get the best of her holes!

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   Each and every drop of hot wax falling onto Freak’s bare chest was making him cry out… They stung his skin like kinky hornets, on and on – until he almost pissed himself with pleasure! He knew that it was dangerous to play with fire in his old wooden shack – so he finished the game by sticking the candle up his ass to make sure the flame was out!

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   Freak knew trespassing was bad – but he just couldn’t keep himself in from getting into his neighbor’s house He was peeping into the window when something hard collided with the back of his head – the next thing he remembered was a masked guy whipping his naked body with a heavy belt in some dark basement…

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   It was the very first time when Freak’s neighbor allowed him to wash himself in his sauna. Such generosity made our shy kinky friend so horny that he started playing with his fat meaty dong right there in the sweating room! No need to say that he had hardly any idea about the spy cam planted in there. Seek your naked ass on the Internet, buddy!

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