Free love
My wife's boss is regularly shagging her in the office - and sometimes even at home. I come to pick her up from work and sit in the car waiting for my honey to come to me and start complaining about all the work she had and about how tired she is. I always feel so excited when I ask her about the way she got it on today. Alla tries to pretend she doesn't get what I'm talking about - but pretty soon she understands she just can't keep herself in and starts smiling. I ask her to show off for me - and she lifts the hem of her mini exposing her pussy. It turns me on so bad to see her snatch - wet, stretched and smeared with jizz that is already starting to dry up on her pubic hair and hips. Her pussy lips are still swollen - her pink is so dirty and so seductive: My wife's pink.
The sweet smell of infidelity
And again she wasn't back until the early morning - and I hadn't slept all night long cause of all the thoughts torturing me. But still, she did come back - and that's the thing that matters the most. I love these moments so much - her reek of last night's , the faint smell of cigarette smoke mixed with the aroma of men's perfume, sweat and sperm. I really love watching her as she takes her panties and hose out of her purse, love listening to her impatiently when she tells me about her last night's adventures, love looking at the bruises marking her gorgeous body. I love taking her to the bed, hugging her and dozing off together with her. It doesn't matter for me that my wife has just been the object of someone's lust - just a piece of warm flesh for satisfying someone's desires. She lives with me - and it means that I'm much more important for her than all those studs that she's fucking with.
Roxy - the girl with a soul of a whore
This is a reality video telling you the story about one of my WIFEY'S slutty adventures. Last night she came home late from one of their countless corporative parties - as fuckin' wild as a skunk! She stood there in front of me, dressed in sexy clothes, her eyes blazing with lust: It should be said that it was me who had helped her pick up the sexiest clothes and lingerie the day before. She fell onto the bed without even getting undressed. Meanwhile, my friend and me had already been finishing the sixth bottle of . I got down to ridding her of her clothes since she wasn't able to do it herself - and my buddy offered to give me a hand. However, the only thing he really did was playing with her boobs:
A married slut
I'm almost 24 years old now and I'm married for quite a long time already (I got hitched when I wasn't even 18 yet). And: you know - I don't regret it! The thing I hate the most is underwear. However, my hubby is pretty strict, so I just have no choice but to put it on every day - even though the first thing I do after entering the office in the morning is going to the loo to take off my bra and panties and stuff them into my purse until the end of the day. All my life I've been trying to understand why I just can't say no to any man: The very first signs of attention turn me on so bad - I don't even try to resist my desires any longer. I love my man - but I cheat him several times a week. I can't keep quiet about it any longer - but what am I going to say to him? This time I even couldn't keep myself in from starring for one site: