I'm young and innocent. I haven't had the chance to discover all the wicked games of the world yet. I still believe in wonders and fairy-tales, where the Princess is saved with the Knight and they live happily ever after
Peculiarities Of Composing In F Major
Don't be naive getting into show business! Young gifted singer Karina forgot this basic rule to her shame. She jumped for joy being invited for the test by the Producer. Come and see what it turned out like
Every dying is my life
Every day recalls a night
Every word's filled with a fever
Every breath is unforgiven
Prison of your lustful songs
Leave my ache where it belongs
I'm obliged to say I want you
Coz I am condemned to love you
Till I die... till I die
No Friendship Possible
Between men and women there is no friendship possible! A year later, Alexa recollects the first experience of acquaintance to the Producer. Her sexual sensations carry away far from a real life - into the world of phantasms and forbidden desires.
I'm the flame in pitch darkness. I'm the scream of the sweetest you can ever feel. I'm the torture of desire burning you down from the inside. Look at me and you'll see wildness and refined ty. I always control and stay on top. I will come and make you beg for mercy, but once you try it, you will never say "no" again!
Very Special Payment
A beginning singer Iren takes a shower before a concert. Suddenly water in the crane comes to an end. She calls in service of the technical help, but instead people of the Producer come to rescue. Was it a Biggest Mistake of her life? Well, you bet...
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