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Starfire is a very beautiful, sexy and long-legged girl from the Teen Titans TV-show. She also happens to be an alien, but you would hardly meet such a hot alien in the entire Universe! She’s got tanned, yet tender skin, green eyes, straight long red hair and a very soft voice. To add to this Starfire is a happy owner of incredibly long, slender legs, big tits and a luscious ass – an eternal object of craving for Robin who wants to fuck it real good! Join us and watch him do it, at last!

Sexy Starfire

Starfire’s manner of dressing up also makes your mind wander around the subject of sex… She wears a skimpy violet skirt and top (you can bet her nipples stick out!) and shiny lilac boots that wrap real tight all around her sexy legs!

She also knows how to wear white stockings right! Here... Take a look at her!

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Starfire can fly and cast green plasma at her enemies. What is more, she is immensely strong for a girl of her build.

Once Starfire pulled Raven out of her room into the hallway while the guys were out somewhere. Raven resisted, but before she knew it Starfire was putting on a huge strap-on cock!

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She made Raven bend over, made her tight pussy wet with her spit and penetrated her rough and hard. Starfire used Raven’s pussy any way she pleased. She took her from behind, got on top of her and on the side… She made sure her big rubber toy went in real deep… This made Raven cum, and as soon as she let go of her emotions she transformed into the Evil Raven as we know it! That’s when it was Starfire’s turn to get fucked! Wanna know all the filthy details? Cum inside!


Starfire is pretty fond of Robin, and her hints and flirting are always very blunt!

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Once Starfire asked Robin what people meant by “fucking”. Robin got very enthusiastic and made sure his explanations were as detailed as possible.

By getting access you get great comics featuring Starfire Robin and Raven! Robin unzipped his pants, took out his dick and said: “If you want to find out you’ll have to kiss my friend here and give it a massage”. After a minute of her working on his cock with her mouth and touching his foreskin with her fingers, his spasms let her know he was about to cum right into her throat. But Robin was quick to take the matters into his own hands and lifted Starfire’s hips showing her that she could now play cowgirl with him. She started swinging her hips and going up and down so that her juicy and sloppy wet hole gripped his hot cock right at the base. She jumped on his dick for half an hour, bending over and groaning like mad. She came hard scratching him and leaving red marks on his body.

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It could have been a happy end if not for Raven who had been watching them all that time and who could not contain herself any longer. She was willing to fuck the life out of that couple!

Starfire is a nice girl if you think about it, but if there’s anything that poses a threat to her friends, the bad guys are dead meat!

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creature Boy (BB) and Starfire decided to catch Jinx once, but she turned out to be real tough! She almost burned creature Boy to ashes with her fireballs! That’s when Starfire came into play and gave Jinx a nice kick in the face! Jinx couldn’t resist anymore, and creature Boy fucked her with his huge green cock. Starfire helped, but suddenly he switched onto her! He grabbed her tanned hips and entered her holding her real tight! Before she noticed creature Boy’s cock was sliding in and out of her tight alien pussy like mad! That’s one hot story indeed! Come inside and see it all for yourself!

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