Kid Flash sneaked into Raven’s room using his superpowers only to see her levitating above the floor in her daily meditation. Kid Flash was pretty curious about why she kept retreating into her room all alone, and it doesn’t take a genius to guess that he used his good old arrogant methods to find it out. He interfered with her meditation, started messing up her books and then copped a feel on her by squeezing her firm round ass that looked so sexy in those black shiny panties… Raven was unable to control her emotions and transformed herself into the evil Raven… Now she’s gonna show Kid Flash all she’s got… She’ll fuck the life out of him for disturbing her!


ńute Raven

Raven is known to the world as a comic strip character and a member of the fearless team of TV Show superheroes -Teen Titans. This website is totally devoted to the TV Show where Raven is a darn sexy young girl with a slightly throaty, but nonetheless pleasant voice. Here she is!

Raven's sexy suit

She's got violet hair that she wears nice and short, purple eyes, the kind of pale complexion that adds up to her gothic vibe, slender legs and an impressive set of big tits. Raven usually wears a long dark blue hooded cape, a latex corset, dark blue boots and wrist bands. She also wears a chain belt with red and yellow jewels.

Apart from that Raven has other sexy outfits to strate:

Raven in latex Raven's sexy legs Busty Raven

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Dark energy

Raven can fly, and se sure makes use of her telekinetic powers! She's able to generate a field of dark energy that allows moving, throwing and breaking various inanimate objects at a distance. The field also serves as a protective shield against physical attacks.

She usually uses that energy to keep villains at bay, but there are moments she uses it for sexual entertainment! Blackfire dragged all the Titans to a trendy night club once, so that they could shake their booty out there. Raven wasn't enthusiastic about it at first, because she's not into stuff like that. This time, however, she managed to get a kick out of it!

Raven rubs cocks Lick my tits Raven riding a guy

She was approached by this gothic looking guy at the club. It didn't take her long to get him into a DJ cabin, with amps, cords and junk lying around, and tie him up to one of the amps using her powers. She gave him a long, long fuck, trust us. Raven jerked his cock, made him lick her pussy and tits and then jumped on his dick till he couldn't cum anymore! She made sure one of the cords served as a whip as well!

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Raven is the most mysterious character of all Titans, with her grim demeanor and reluctance to show emotion. This, however, is not by chance! Being a daughter of a human mother and a named Trigon, she has an evil, ic side to her. In order to control this unfortunate combo, she has to make sure she can manage her emotions.

That, of course, is out of the question in the moments of inevitable lust, when desire takes over and Raven desperately needs to get fucked!

Raven facesitting Raven suck Robin Teen Titans orgy

One gloomy night, Raven caught Robin and Starfire in the act, just as she was giving him good head. Suddenly Raven felt like arranging a threesome and giving Robin and Starfire a nice hard fuck!

By getting access you get great comics featuring Raven involved in that threesome! She was fingering all of her holes as she was watching Robin and Starfire. Nothing could stop her when she joined them. Once Starfire got a good fuck from the two, Raven sat on Robin's face and made him suck her dripping pussy. She couldn't get enough and in no time her legs were spread open for his cock!

When the finally awakens in Raven's soul she turns into the evil Raven… She has two and sometimes - four - red eyes, and dark energy crawls from under her cape in scary s!

Starfire srapon fucks Raven Raven futanari blowjob Dickgirl Raven fucks Starfire

But one day, when Starfire was fucking Raven with a huge strap-on dick, she was very careless as to get too deep and fast into her. After a 10th orgasm Raven , and the got over her. Instead of s, however, she got a huge dick! That same dick fucked Starfire in every hole she had!

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